• Playhouse group

    Local group views historical hearing aid collection for production of Silent Sky.

  • Staff and faculty

    2019 faculty and staff retreat

  • Auditory lab

    Dr. Jing Shen receives NIH grant to study hearing in noise.

  • Ron Kelley retires

    Clinical instructor Ron Kelley retires after 13 years.

  • Balance and the inner ear

COVID-19 related updates

The University is continually sending updated information about policies and activities related to COVID-19. They have set up a webpage to capture all that information and offer links to other important resrouces.



The faculty and staff of Western Michigan University's Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences are committed to educating the next generation of speech, language and hearing professionals through unique academic, research and clinical opportunities. Through this program, students enhance their knowledge and develop essential skills and competencies in evaluation, diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention, as well as research, education and administration. Our graduates are maximally effective in providing clinical services to individuals of all ages with speech, language and hearing impairments.

Application status

Question about your application status? Please contact us with any questions.


ASL Faculty Specialist II Candidate Presentations

The following individuals are interviewing for a Clinical Faculty Specialist II position in the department. The public is welcome at their presentations to get to know the candidates. There will be time after presentations for questions and answers. For each candidate, there will be a public presentation from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. in CHHS room 1010

  • Ashley Boza - February 21 - view CV
  • Tanya Timmerman - March 11 - view CV
  • Rachel Swearingin - interview to be rescheduled - view CV


2019 Newsletter

In early May, we published our 2019 newsletter. It includes updates from the department and information about what's going on with our faculty, students and alumni.


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