Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology forms alumni board

With the leadership of Donna Oas ’66, the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology has recently formed an alumni board. Emeritae Mary Ida Hunt and Karen Seelig, alumna Logan Brown, and current faculty member Kathy Hillenbrand served with Oas on a planning committee, which met to develop goals and procedures for the board.

The first meeting of the board took place this past March 28, an ideal time as some of the members from other regions of Michigan were attending the Michigan Speech Language and Hearing Association conference in Kalamazoo. Of the 28 current members, representing speech-language pathology and audiology programs, 18 attended the meeting and provided feedback on a number of issues. 

Alumni input through this board will benefit the department with new ideas and direction and fulfill an important requirement of American Speech-Language Hearing Association accreditation with regard to stakeholder input. Along with facilitating and increasing this type of interaction, the goals of the board include increasing donor activity and being responsive to other relevant issues as they emerge. 

The meeting schedule will coincide with the Michigan Speech Language and Hearing Association meeting held in March and the Van Riper lectures held in October. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Donna Oas at or (269)-657-6309.