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Charting a course for the future – together. 

Throughout the 2021-22 academic year, every member of the Western Michigan University community will have the opportunity to help create our future – together – through the Strategic Planning process.  

Motivated by the mission and values of our institutional identity, we will follow a data-informed process that is driven by continuous improvement and anchored in an equity-mindedness framework to collaboratively develop a shared vision for the next decade.  

We invite you to join us in designing the new Strategic Plan by participating in upcoming in-person and virtual town hall sessions. You’ll also see graffiti walls intended to spark reflection and generate ideas pop up across campus. In addition, we welcome you to share your opinions through the suggestion box

Charting the course for a thriving future requires a roadmap – and ours is the Strategic Plan.

DRAFT New Vision, Mission, and Values

Provost Executive Summary

This is a transformative moment for Western Michigan University, and it's time to rethink the limits we’ve put upon ourselves by deciding to defy the impossible.