DRAFT WMU Vision, Mission and Values


WMU empowers every person to grow, thrive and belong.  We contribute to making the world a better place through creativity, research, innovation and compassion.    


WMU provides an accessible, impactful and inclusive education that integrates discovery and fosters holistic growth and well-being so that all may learn.  


Community-engaged: We collaborate with local and global partners with an emphasis on trust, respect, reciprocity and cultural humility.

Discovery-driven: We pursue inquiry, disseminate knowledge and foster critical thinking that encourages lifelong learning. 

Equity-centered: We transform systems and remove barriers to ensure we represent, serve, include and empower every member of our community. 

Learner-focused: We challenge every member of our community to be responsive to and responsible for the education of our students by intentionally cultivating an engaging university experience that creates skilled, lifelong learners.

Sustainability-guided: We serve our communities by discovering transformational, multidisciplinary solutions; being environmentally, socially and financially responsible; and improving the quality of life for current and future generations.