Student Affairs champions a culture that embodies equity, engagement, learning, and well-being.


Student Affairs creates compassionate and inclusive communities through intentional engagement, well-being, growth and play so all may belong and succeed.


The purpose of enacting these values is to demonstrate that we see, hear, value and respect you.

Growth: Embrace learning. Change and evolve with open-mindedness, curiosity and maturity. Role model for one another and students giving and receiving feedback, setting clear targets, celebrating our accomplishments, letting go of what keeps us stuck, and trying new things that move us as individuals and an organization towards thriving.

Responsibility: Do the right thing. Demonstrate and role model respect and the value of each person. Hold ourselves and others accountable by taking ownership for how our actions might impact others, learning from our mistakes, and treating one another with dignity and civility.

Authenticity: Be real. Act with honesty, transparency, and vulnerability. Engage each person’s strengths and encourage bravery. Create brave and safe spaces so all can bring their real selves to each situation. Boldly embrace being our whole, true, selves so that others may do the same.

Compassion: Give grace. Show care through deep listening, openness and kindness. Take time to understand another’s perspective before responding. Place humans at the heart of our decisions and actions.

Equity: Value each person. Systems and services are not one size fits all. Advance equity through humility, listening, and curiosity. Use listening, reflection, and data as tools to identify and remove barriers, re-shape systems, provide needed resources, and advocate.