Strategic Planning and Assessment

Student Affairs Strategic Planning and Assessment Structure

The Vice President for Student Affairs sets the vision and priorities for strategic planning and assessment efforts across the Division of Student Affairs. She chairs a Leadership Team, comprised of department directors, which meets bi-monthly to share information and review progress toward the goals and objectives. Directors of each department serve on the Leadership Team and work with their staffs to ensure that division-wide objectives and strategies are implemented and they also lead departmental strategic planning initiatives. Dr. Anderson chairs a Steering Committee to ensure that the Strategic Plan moves forward. Staff from across the division are charged with the development and implementation of division-wide strategic objectives and strategies. The Student Affairs Assessment Committee builds awareness of and expertise in division-wide and departmental assessment efforts, evaluates current assessment efforts in order to coordinate and improve data collection and reporting, and rewards and recognizes assessment efforts in Student Affairs.

2020 Student Affairs Strategic Plan


2018-19 Strategic Outcomes Snapshot


2017-18 Strategic Update and OUTCOMES REPORT


2016-17 OUTCOMES and Impact REPORT


2015-16 Outcomes and Impact Report


Division and department strategic planning

Goals in the Division of Student Affairs stem from the overall mission of Western Michigan University and in keeping with the WMU Gold Standard 2020 strategic plan. They are carried out in the context of our vision, mission and core values, and provide long-term direction for the division. Annually, the student affairs leadership team, under the direction of a steering committee chaired by the vice president of student affairs, reviews and determines strategic objectives and strategies that reflect a broad array of student learning and development outcomes, as well as a spectrum of operational excellence initiatives in keeping with the standards of excellence in our field. Each department in student affairs also has a strategic plan that aligns with and supports the division and university strategic plans. Those priorities are reflected in the division’s strategic plan.

Strategic planning cycle infographic