Refer a Student Concern


There may be times when faculty, staff or students at Western Michigan University find themselves concerned about a student’s welfare or observe uncharacteristic behavioral changes. If you are unsure if a student's behavior is cause for concern, please review how to recognize a student in distress.

Student Concern Card imageTo report non-academic concerns

You are encouraged to submit a non-academic concern if a student:

  • Exhibits erratic or sudden changes in classroom performance
  • Exhibits uncharacteristic behavioral, mood, attitude or appearance changes
  • Is uncharacteristically inattentive, unresponsive, angry, argumentative or aggressive
  • Discloses mental health concerns and indicates a need for assistance

WMU students may log in to this form to reach out for assistance and support for themselves.

Report a NON-ACADEMIC concern

To report student not attending and other academic concerns

  1. Go to the faculty tab at GoWMU
  2. Click on the down arrow next to 'All Links'.
  3. Then click on 'Faculty Menu'.
  4. Find 'Report Student Academic Concern' toward the bottom of the list.

Report an Academic concern at GOWMU

After you report a concern 

  • You will be contacted by email to confirm that the concern was received
  • The submitted concern will be reviewed by trained staff in student affairs who will contact the students to let them know a concern has been expressed about them and determine what or if assistance is needed

Student affairs staff will confirm to the referring person that the student has been contacted. Students do not always respond to offers of assistance. If a student accepts assistance or shares personal information with student affairs staff, privacy regulations will be followed to determine any subsequent sharing of the information.