EIT Risk Assessment

Student Concern Form

In order to determine the need for intervention, the EIT uses a risk rubric  that measures generalized risk, mental and behavioral health, and aggression. Generalized risk includes harm to facilities, reputation, finances, etc., while mental and behavioral health related risks include harm to self.

Emergency Situations

For immediate and crisis response call 911. Police will notify the EIT as appropriate.

Non-emergency Situations

In non-emergency situations, complete the on-line student concern form.

Responding to Challenging Behaviors

In your day-to-day experience, you may encounter students whose behavior is difficult to manage. Some behaviors may require EIT intervention. However, there are also problematic interactions that are not so obvious – those that leave you feeling uneasy and feeling that you need to share the experience with someone. The EIT is here to help you assess and address any such interactions.

Below are some general techniques for managing difficult/disruptive behaviors.

  • For a minor disruption: ask the individual to stop the behavior.
  • When following-up with an individual, find a private space to talk with the goal of assessing areas where support might be offered. If there is any concern for safety, do not meet with the individual alone.
  • When discussing the situation, be specific about behaviors that are of concern; provide examples when possible to help illustrate that behavior and its impact.
  • Share your concern using empathy. Oftentimes, the person may be in a state of crisis, even if the matter doesn’t appear to have reached the critical level from an outside perspective.
  • Explore options available for support. If you are not familiar with the services offhand, offer to get back in touch once you have a chance to research options. If professional assistance/counseling appears to be a viable option, remember that the person has the choice to participate or not.

For any direct or indirect threatening behavior or language if the individual does not respond to direction to leave classroom/area call WMU DPS at 269-387-5555 or 911.