Electronic Marquee Sign Policies

All announcements broadcast on the Bernhard Center Electronic Marquee must be in compliance with WMU Policy and Procedure and must follow the Bernhard Center Electronic Marquee policies and procedures. The Bernhard Center assumes responsibility for insuring full compliance with guidelines. Thus, in responding to requests to authorize a specific announcement, the BC staff reserves the right to edit or delete text, written or visual, of material submitted for broadcasting.

Bernhard Center Electronic Marquee Broadcasting Request Process

The process outlined below should be followed to request authorization for broadcast announcements.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and WMU departments wishing to broadcast an announcement must complete the online Bernhard Center Electronic Marquee Sign Request Form.

Submit all requests to: bernhard-ga@wmich.edu and attach any graphic files as per guidelines below.

Broadcast announcements run for one (1) week.

Requests must be submitted via e-mail to: bernhard-ga@wmich.eduat least two weeks prior to the scheduled broadcast. Since announcements run for one week, you must complete your submission at least two weeks prior to the firstday you would like your announcement to run.

To submit a request, provide the text only and two or three colors to incorporate into the message. Still images and logos may also be submitted and must be in the following formats:

  • 48 x 128
  • Still images: JPG, GIF, BMP (in RGB color format, NOT CMYK)

NOTE: Logos and images may not translate well to the marquee display. The simpler the image or logo the better it will appear. The BC has the right to refrain from using an image or logo if it does not present effectively.

The Bernhard Center Graduate Assistant, or designee, will create or place the announcement within the parameters of the marquee software and with review and approval from BC management. Efforts will be made to communicate changes or text edits to the requester, when possible, given the constraints of time and resources. If your submission is not approved, you will be notified.

In the event of heavy volume, the Marquee Coordinator reserves the right to change the requested frequency of broadcast.

Requests to broadcast on the Bernhard Center Electronic Marquee are not guaranteed. During periods of heavy volume, requests will be prioritized giving Bernhard Center, WSA, and registered student organizations first priority, while adhering to the Marquee policies and procedures for submissions.

Bernhard Center Electronic Marquee Policies and Procedures

Announcements may only be requested by recognized student organizations and departments (e.g. RSOs, academic programs and campus departments). All content advertised and broadcasted must be related to the campus and to campus activities and events and must take place in the Bernhard Center or Kanley Chapel. Exceptions are made for large scale campus-wide events such as athletic events, Admissions programs, etc.

Content must be informative, courteous, accurate, fair and not defamatory. The Bernhard Center reserves the right to edit announcements.

Announcements must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled broadcast, which is one week prior to the actual event date. Priority will be given to request in order of submission.

Announcement must include time, place, and location of the event/program and must include the sponsoring organization(s).

Announcements CANNOT promote alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

Announcements CANNOT be personal announcements or classified ads (e.g., car sales, room or apartment rentals, etc.).

Announcements CANNOT support partisan political purposes (e.g., candidates or causes during election season).

Announcements CANNOT be regular reoccurring events for student organizations (e.g., general body meetings). Exception: a one-time announcement of a re-occurring meeting.