Fire and Safety Regulations

  • In any regulated occupancy, only non-combustible or flame resistant materials may be used for decorating purposes: that is any material which will not flash or produce a fast burning fire. No open-flame lighting devices can be used.
  • Candles may be used on the tables at banquets, receptions, initiations, etc., only if securely supported on a substantial non-combustible base with candle flames surrounded by glass (i.e., hurricane lamps, glass chimneys, etc.) The Bernhard Center director and local fire officials have authority to control the amount of decorative material within the Bernhard Center.
  • The Bernhard Center is a smoke-free facility.
  • The only animals permitted in the Bernhard Center are seeing eye or special assistance dogs.
  • For safety, bicycles, skateboards and skates of any kind are not to be used in the Bernhard Center or on porches or sidewalks. Use outdoor racks for bicycles.
  • Activities in the public areas involving groups of people and/or equipment should not block entrance or egress (exit) so as to obstruct or hinder the use thereof.