Solicitation in the Bernhard Center (BC) is defined as: the distributing of promotional materials for events; the selling of goods and/or services; the taking of orders or collecting of money from anyone other than members of a sponsoring organization; collecting ideas or opinions in surveys, petitions or other formats; distributing political information; or the proselytizing of religious or spiritual beliefs. Solicitation in the BC must be conducted according to the following guidelines:

  • Solicitation and the distribution of promotional materials may only take place in designated solicitation zones in the BC (see diagrams below).
  • Distribution of promotional materials includes, but is not limited to handing out flyers, distributing informational material, or giving away promotional trinkets.
  • Information Table Requests
    • Requests to reserve a table and solicit in a solicitation zone on the main level must be made through the Bernhard Center Reservations Office, Room 150. Only registered student organizations and University departments may reserve space on the main level.
    • Only registered student organizations and University departments may reserve solicitation space on the Bernhard Center main level (adjacent to the Bernhard Center Café). A member of the sponsoring organization must be present at the table at all times during the reservation(s)

    • Solicitation may not interfere with the educational activities of the University.

    • Solicitation of ideas, petitions, or surveys should be consistent with the University mission and should not be disruptive. Solicitors must not use hard sale tactics or aggressively approach and engage patrons outside the bounds of their solicitation zone.

    • Sales of goods and products may be conducted in the BC in designated solicitation table locations if such is not in competition with products or services offered in the BC. Food and/or beverages may not be sold or distributed from designated solicitation tables; however, “bake sale” type fund raisers are allowed by RSO’s, but food must be non-perishable, preferable pre-packaged. Cookies, cakes, donuts are examples of acceptable RSO “bake sale” items.

    • All solicitation must comply with University, state, and federal regulations.

Bernhard Center Lower Level Solicitation Zones

Map of Bernhard Center lower level showing solicitation zones across from Subway and in front of PNC Bank

Bernhard Center Main Level Solicitation Zones

Map of Bernhard Center main level showing solicitation zones in front of Bernhard Cafe and across from Info Desk

Approved by BC Advisory Board, April 2012