Bernhard Center Reservations for RSOs

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and to follow Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders, “indoor… gatherings or organized events” may not exceed 10 people. However, if a gathering or organized event is educational or instructive in nature, then it may not exceed 50.

When planning your meeting, event, or program, please considering following this approach:

  1. Meet virtually when possible.
  2. Meet outside if possible.
  3. Meet in person.

Bernhard Center meeting room capacities have been significantly reduced to accommodate social distancing. The largest event allowed under COVID-19 restrictions is 50. Please contact the Bernhard Center to plan your meeting if it must be in person.

RSO who reserve Bernhard Center space for regular organizational meetings (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) are required to use the Bernhard Center's online reservations process, virtual EMS. If you are interested in planning a one-time event or program (not regular meetings), please stop by our office at the Bernhard Center, room 150, or give us a call at (269) 387-4860.


vEMS User Guide

If you wish to request academic space for RSO meetings or programs, visit the Registrar's reservation request page.