Student Conduct Process

Conduct Process Flowchart

Anyone in the Western Michigan community can share a concern about a student’s actions with Student Rights and Responsibilities. When information is shared with Student Rights and Responsibilities, it is reviewed to determine what the appropriate resolution process for the concern is.

  • When parties choose, concerns can be addressed via a conflict/alternative resolution process.
  • Concerns that are better addressed by another office/process are referred to the appropriate place.
  • When there is a need to determine if the student violated the WMU Student Code, Student Rights and Responsibilities facilitates the student conduct process (hearing).

The student conduct process is an educational, administrative process that allows the student accused of misconduct to share their perspective on the situation before a decision is made about if the student is responsible for a policy violation. Students who are found responsible for a policy violation are assigned a sanction(s) to help the student learn, grow, and change their behavior to avoid future policy violations. 

Before the student conduct process the student will be notified of the incident of concern, which policies they are alleged to have violated, and when the hearing will take place.

Before the hearing students are invited to meet with a staff member to discuss what to expect in the student conduct process, the alleged policy violations, review the reported information and any evidence available, and request witnesses and/or a support person.

During the hearing the student has the opportunity to share their perspective on the incident of concern and provide evidence/information. The hearing body asks follow up questions to better understand what occurred and if the student’s actions violated WMU policy. Students can choose not to participate or provide information.

After a hearing, a decision will be made about whether a policy(ies) has been violated. Decisions are made based on the information available and whether it is more likely than not that the policy was violated.  If a student is found responsible, they will be assigned an appropriate sanction(s).

The student will receive the student conduct outcome in writing. The student can either accept the decision and complete any assigned sanctions or appeal the decision. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 5 business days.

The information above is a summary of information in the Student Code. Additional/detailed information can be found in the Student Code, information about the student conduct process can be found on page 18-19. The Student Code is WMU’s official description of expectations for students and the student conduct process; it will be the guiding document for any questions/concerns about student conduct policies or processes.