Student Engagement

Video of Student Engagement at WMU


The Bernhard Center is the student union at Western Michigan University, and serves as a community center for campus life. Students gather at the Bernhard Center to socialize, enjoy meals and engage in cultural activities. The Bronco Mall, located on the lower level, provides a convenient meeting place to relax or connect with friends.

Quality services offered to students, staff, faculty and community members include:

  • Bernhard Café and Market
  • Bookstore
  • Bronco Card® Center
  • Bronco Express
  • Center Stage
  • Faculty Resource Center

  • Computer Lab

  • Meeting and conference facilities

Campus Activities Board

CAB logoThe Campus Activities Board is a student run organization responsible for finding and bringing quality entertainment to the students of Western Michigan University.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is an authorized student government representing graduate and professional students on campus. The GSA's mission is to improve and advance graduate education through partnership, advocacy, leadership and networking building to ensure success of all graduate students. 

Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement works to inspire excellence in student leadership development, and to engage students in programs outside the classroom. Staff members provide support and services to students, and to student organizations to enhance student learning and personal development.

Student organizations

There are nearly 400 registered student organizations at WMU representing a dynamic and diverse student body. WMU encourages all students to enrich their academic lives, become involved in campus activities, join student organizations and sports clubs.

Visit the ExperienceWMU web page to find a complete list of registered student organizations and a student activities events calendar.

WMU Signature

WMU Signature offers a student initiated trajectory to explore and develop one's passions and interests through co-curricular experiences.  WMU Signature provides a faculty and staff informed framework for students to intentionally focus their engagement. Upon completion of their WMU Signature Pathway, students will receive recognition with a University endorsed designation on their transcript and diploma.

WMU Signature is available to all undergraduate and graduate students. By participating, students will be able to connect the dots between all of their experiences, while gaining transferable skills to better market themselves to future employers or institutions.

Western Student Association

The Western Student Association is the student government representing the voice of WMU students. There are many ways for students to get involved, express student concerns, and to represent the student body of WMU. The WSA desires to:

  • Provide fair representation of the student body.
  • Maintain an active voice in University affairs.
  • Effectively and efficiently represent and act in the collect interest of Western Michigan University students.