Audio Clips

  • WMU Trombone Choir and Percussion
  • Trombone Choir Concert
  • WMU Trombone Choir Concert
  • Trombone Choir Rehearsal

    Dr. Wolfinbarger rehearses the WMU Trombone Choir


Professor Steve Wolfinbarger, Trombone

  • Finale, Concerto, Ida Gotkovsky
  • Fantasia, Sonata for Trombone and Piano, John Davison
  • Allegro Moderato, Concerto for Alto Trombone, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (alto trombone)
  • Air Varie, Arthur Pryor (Performed at the International Trombone Workshop)

WMU Trombone Choir: Full Length Audio and Video Clips

WMU Trombone Choir: Partial Audio Clips

All audio clips are intended for current and prospective WMU students and, therefore, are to be used only for their educational benefit.