Behavioral Health Services Resources

Welcome to the Western Michigan University Behavioral Health Services resource page. Here you will discover important information pertaining to our services. 

Our team of treatment counselors, therapists and peer support specialists are committed to helping you reach your life goals.

The staff at Behavioral Health Services of Western Michigan University is dedicated to providing a quality experience for you. We try to meet the needs, interests and well being of the people that we service. We encourage your active participation and input and ask you to make decisions regarding your treatment. Our mission is to the provision of services that improve the quality of life for individuals, their families and the community.

  • Code of ethics - An outline of our mission and values, how our professionals approach problems, the ethical principles based on our organization's core values and the standards to which our professionals are held.
  • Fact sheet - A brief history of Behavioral Health Services and the services we provide.
  • BHS treatment group descriptions - Behavioral Health Services has 19 different outpatient treatment groups to help our patients. This document provides a brief description of each group.
  • Web resource links - Web resources for treatment, prevention, support programs and education.