• Aaron Kinzel
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  • 2019 Dr. Lewis Walker Social Justice Youth Award Recipient

    Dr. Lewis Walker, Ms. Kaylana Jones and Mayor Bobby Hopewell

  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Social Justice Youth Awards

    Photographed are Gregory Culp, Kaylana Jones, Emma Knutson, Dr. Lewis Walker, Delores Shackelford, Tanner Luther and Trinity Scott.


The mission of the Walker Institute is to engage in research, teaching and service to promote:

  • Understanding of race and ethnic relations, with a special emphasis on the causes of disparities and the contexts in which conflicts as well as shared purposes and perspectives arise.
  • Appreciation of the diverse peoples and cultures of the United States, with special emphasis on the peoples and cultures of Michigan.
  • More equitable and inclusive communities and institutions, especially in this region of the state and throughout Michigan.


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