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The WIRE Math and Science Camp is designed to introduce your child to the various fields of science and enhance their math skills. Each summer students are introduced to different fields of science. They have the chance to explore the fields through hands on and real-world experiments. Each session is spearheaded by experienced educators ranging from graduate students to certified teachers. In the past students have been introduced to chemistry, food science, forensic science, astronomy, and civil engineering. 


Summer 2020-WIRE Gone Virtual
During summer 2020 the students explored the areas of food science and space in coordination with black scientist George Washington Carver and mathematician Katherine Johnson. Partnered with the Institute of Food Technologies (IFT) and incorporating the Feeding Tomorrow curriculum; students had the opportunity to explore activities that showed a different side of science and grew their own vegetables through the concept of an urban garden. 


Each student was provided with either a tomato or pepper plant along with the proper materials to begin their urban garden. In addition to growing their vegetables, they delved deeper into food science by conducting experiments geared towards learning the various aspects of how foods play a role in science. Students grew a potato plant, discovered the difference between organic and processed tomatoes, created art using spices and the importance of food packaging. In addition to studying food science, the student had the chance to study the phases of the moon, rockets, and how astronauts prepared food in space. 


















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