WIRE Youth Development Programs

The foundational theme of the Walker Institute is One Community and through WIRE, the Walker Institute fulfills an important part of its mission: to help build more equitable and inclusive communities through community service. Since 2008, more than 1,000 youth between 7 and 13 years old have participated in one or more WIRE Youth Development Programs from the Walker Institute. 

WIRE programs help youth envision themselves in college and in desirable careers and provide culturally sensitive guidance and instruction to help them get there.  All programs are free of charge.

Currently, the Walker Institute hosts three WIRE programs, the Math and Science Camp held during Summer II, the Saturday Academy and the Youth Juvenile Justice Fellow; both held throughout the academic school year.

  • 15+ Years WIRE Youth Developing Programs empowering youth

  • 10+ Years WIRE Math and Science Camp elevating youth to expand their minds

  • Math & Science Summer Camp

    The primary goals of WIRE Math and Science Camp are to:

    • Give Children the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of math and science by focusing on number theory, problem-solving, and algebraic expression;

    • Increase the students' level of confidence by reducing the fear and anxiety associated with learning math and science;
    • Reduce the summer slide (the loss of 25% to 33% of what was learned the previous year by not engaging in academic activities over the summer).
  • Saturday Academy

    The Saturday Academy extends the concept of the summer program into the academic year. Introduced in the fall of 2019, the Saturday Academy dives deeper into math and science as it relates to real world problem solving.

    The primary goals of WIRE Saturday Academy are to:

    • Enhance the students' knowledge of non-traditional sciences.
    • Improve the student's comprehension of mathematical concepts.
    • Provide academic enrichment through the use of real world applications.
    • Introduce students to advanced careers in STEM.
  • Youth Juvenile Justice Fellows Program

    The Youth Juvenile Justice Fellows Program goal is to develop  youth juvenile justice advocates and leaders. This is achieved through four phases:

    • Relationship Building
    • Skill Building
    • Issue Education
    • Advocacy in Action

    From the skills they acquire during the first 3 phases, fellows are able to implement them during the Advocacy in Action phase using their voices to advocate for juvenile justice reform at the local, state, and federal levels.

For more information concerning WIRE Youth Development programs, please contact us at lwir-ydp@wmich.edu or call us directly at 269-387-2155