Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I complete my wellness assessment?

You have two options to complete your wellness assessment.

  1. Contact Holtyn & Associates at  (269) 377-0198 or schedule an appointment online.
  2. Contact your Medical Provider and have them fill out the Medical Provider Assessment form.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the Western Wellness program?

All benefit eligible faculty and staff employed by Western Michigan University are eligible to participate. If both spouses work at WMU, the individual paying for their benefits will receive the benefit reduction. If you are eligible to participate, but do not take your health insurance through WMU, you may still participate and complete a biometric assessment, but will not receive the benefit reduction.

What must I complete to receive the benefit reduction?

To receive the benefit reduction, you must complete a biometric assessment and coaching session by one of the three options listed above and complete the online health risk appraisal.

How often must I complete a wellness assessment?

At this time, wellness assessments must be completed once each calendar year to remain on the benefit reduction plan.

What is completed during a wellness assessment?

Your wellness coach will complete a number of health screenings during your 30-minute, individual appointment that may include:  blood pressure, body fat percentage, weight, waist measurement, polar fitness test, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and glucose.  Your Holtyn wellness coach will work with you to create a personalized wellness plan.  Your plan will provide you with personalized strategies to help you make healthier choices, overcome pitfalls and achieve your goals. Note  that you will not need to fast for the cholesterol/glucose screening with a Holtyn wellness coach.  Sindecuse Health Center or your primary care provider may schedule fasting lab work.

How long does a wellness assessment take?

Your wellness assessment with Holtyn & Associates will take approximately 30-minutes.

What if I do not have 30 minutes, can I still complete an assessment?

Yes. If you do not have the full 30 minutes, let your wellness coach know how much time you have. They will accommodate your schedule and fit in as much as possible to make your assessment an enjoyable and comprehensive experience.

When and where can I complete an assessment?

You may complete your wellness assessment with a Holtyn coach, your Medical Provider or at Sindecuse Health Center. Holtyn coaches are at various locations all around campus. You may complete your assessment anytime during the day that is most convenient for you. Please let your wellness coach know if you are having difficulty finding a time that works for you.  We will work with you to schedule a time that is convenient.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. Your information is kept strictly confidential and secure. Your wellness provider, Holtyn & Associates, is in full compliance with the privacy requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the HIPAA privacy regulations.  Your personal information is never shared with your employer or anyone else.

What if I feel I’m not doing well with my goals?  Or I don’t think I need to set any goals?

The wellness assessment is for your knowledge. Your coach will support and encourage you.  This is a judgment free zone.  If you feel you are not doing well with your goals, this may be a good time to start over or to assess any setbacks or pitfalls you may be experiencing.  If you feel you are doing great and do not want to set any goals, your coach still wants to see you.  It is always nice to reassess your numbers and make sure you stay on track.  Setting a goal to maintain what you are currently doing is an accomplishment.

How can I make an appointment?

If you are currently registered as a Western Wellness participant login to and schedule an appointment with your Holtyn coach. If you prefer, you may schedule an appointment with your Medical Provider or at Sindecuse Health Center: (269) 387-3282, or schedule an appointment with your Medical Provider. 

If you are a new employee or want to join the wellness program, the instructions should be as follows for new participants: 

1. Register by going online to:  
a. Click: Login 

b. Scroll down and click: Enroll Yourself 

c. Your one time Company Code: 1400 

2. Complete the online Health Survey at 

3. Complete a biometric assessment and health coaching session with One of the following:  
a. Holtyn & Associates (269) 251-6858/  Or

b. Sindecuse Health Center (269) 387-3282 (PPO Plan Participants Only) fee may apply Or

c. Medical Provider fee may apply 

Will I be reminded of when my appointment is scheduled?

Yes. You will receive automated email, text or phone call reminders from Holtyn & Associates once you have scheduled your appointment online.

I see my doctor regularly, why should I complete a wellness assessment?

These wellness assessments are not to replace your regular physician visits and are not diagnostic.  Assessments are an addition to your current health and wellness plan.  Many physicians are not able to provide a full 30 minutes of their time with each visit, so Holtyn coaches are able to provide the support and encouragement for your wellness goal in addition to what your physician is doing.  Coaches also measure some values during your biometric screenings that many physicians do not complete (i.e. polar fitness test, body fat and waist measurement).

Do I get release time to attend my wellness assessment?

Yes. You are given release time to complete a biometric assessment. You need to talk to your supervisor and schedule a time convenient with your department.

Are there other wellness activities/events held other than the wellness assessments?

Yes. There are other events, challenges and programs held throughout the year at locations all over campus. The Western Wellness committee plans events and programs available to you and will be updated periodically on the Western Wellness website.

How will I know what is happening throughout the year?

Many formats of communication will be used to help you understand what is happening with the Western Wellness program.  Human Resources will communicate the benefit reduction information, the program website will be updated with program information, Holtyn & Associates will email and communicate information to you and additional information will be sent through various university outreach methods.

Can Western Wellness provide educational classes in our buildings?

Yes.  Depending on the topic of the workshop you would like to host, Holtyn & Associates, Sindecuse Health Center, WMU Health Promotion and Education and WMU Student Recreation Center are able to coordinate with your wellness champion to provide onsite workshop opportunities.