Be A Participant

All employees are encouraged to participate in the Western Wellness program.  In order to be eligible for the wellness incentive, employees complete an annual health risk assessment, biometric screening, and a health coaching session.   If you complete the wellness program requirements by the end of 2017, you will receive the wellness incentive during the calendar year 2018. To maintain wellness program participation, you must complete the program requirements every calendar year.

The wellness incentive is a reduction in your health plan contributions each pay period throughout the calendar year.  The current wellness incentive is $240 per calendar year.  This amount may be pro-rated quarterly depending on when you complete the program requirements.

New Participant Registration directions and forms

If you are a new employee or want to become a wellness program participant  you will click on “participant login” and then “enroll yourself”. Use the following login information (one time only):  Account ID:  32, Account Password:  bronco.  Fill out your registration information and click “add participant”.  You may then complete your online health survey and schedule your appointment to see a Holtyn coach.

Returning participant Registration directions and forms

  1. Contact Holtyn & Associates at  (269) 377-0198, schedule an appointment online or complete the printable registration form.
  2. Contact Sindecuse Health Center to schedule an appointment (269) 387-3282.
  3. Contact your primary care provider and have them fill out and mail a Primary Care Provider form.