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 Welcome to One-to-One Worksite Wellness, provided by the experienced and trusted professionals at Holtyn & Associates. This is a service provided at no cost to you, to help you become the healthiest, happiest, most energetic person you can be….at your job and at home. You’re now an important part of the WMU community with an employer willing to invest in you and your health. 

It starts with an online Health Survey followed by a Wellness Assessment at your worksite with your trained health coach. (All personal information is confidential; WMU receives University-wide aggregate data only.) During your 30-minute session, your coach will conduct a Biometric Assessment (cholesterol/lipids, glucose, blood pressure, weight, BMI, waist and fitness) and review your health survey. You and your coach will then discuss any health concerns you have, setting specific achievable goals in areas where you are ready for positive change. You’ll have access to a personal webpage that contains your health data and provides you with resources and information. You may also choose to do the online health survey and complete the biometrics and coaching session with either your or Sindecuse Health Center. 

WMU supports you in your efforts to improve your health and well-being. The Western Wellness Committee works with Holtyn & Associates, WMU Sindecuse Health Center, WMU Health Promotion and Education and WMU Student Recreation Center to bring you valuable, informative and motivating events to help you gain new skills and knowledge and spur you into action to improve your life. Take advantage of these programs: Lunch and Learn's, health and wellness events, fitness classes and challenges throughout the year. Go to: 

Not only is it in your own best interest to be, and feel, the best possible, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. You will receive the Western Wellness incentive when you complete the three participant requirements: (1) online health survey, (2) biometric assessment and (3) health coaching session

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