Residence Hall Summary Chart

Meal plan

Green circle Valley Residential Neighborhood

330 CS VDC  Yes Required Transfer Student Community; Shilling STEM Community; fitness room
Britton/Hadley 527 CS VDC
Yes  Required Education and Development Community;
Spectrum House
Garneau/Harvey 534 CS VDC
Yes Not required Science Scholars
Eicher/LeFevre 544 CS  VDC
Yes Required Health Professionals Community
fitness room
Harrison/Stinson 535 CS VDC
Yes Required Business Community; fitness room
Eldridge/Fox  526 CS VDC
Yes Required Honors CommunityHonors STEM/Health
Engineering House
Student Success Center
 Red circle Center Residential Neighborhood
Henry 408 CF Connected Yes Not required Aviation House
Western Heights 739 CH Nearby Yes Required House commons area and kitchen;
Centrally private bathrooms; Air-conditioned
 Blue circle South Residential Neighborhood
Draper 241 Carry-out No^ Required Fine Arts House
Some three-person rooms and some quads
Siedschlag 235 F Carry-out No^ Required Fine Arts House;
Some three-person rooms and some quads
The Burnhams 474 CF Within No^  Required Some three-person rooms and some quads
French 307 CS Connected No^ Required Sophomore status or above;
Second Year ExperienceTenzing House
Davis 256 CPB Connected Yes  Required Junior status or at least 21; Tenzing House
Zimmerman 257 CS Connected Yes Required Sophomore status or above; 
Second-Year Experience


CF: Coed hall, with male or female floors. 
CH: Coed hall, with male or female houses. 
CPB:  Coed floor and rooms have private bathrooms.
CS: Coed floor with male and female suites.
M: All male.
F: All female. 
^: Beds can bunk. 

Western Michigan University reserves the right to change housing/dining options and hall designations as needed based on occupancy and circumstance. Some halls have various room configurations such as three-person rooms and some quads. Residence Life will make room assignments based on availability.