Summary Charts


Meal plan

Green circle Valley Residential Neighborhood
CS VDC  Yes Required Transfer Student Community; Shilling STEM Community
Britton/Hadley CS VDC
Yes  Required Education and Development Community;
Spectrum House
Garneau/Harvey CS VDC
Yes Not required Science Scholars
Eicher/LeFevre CS  VDC
Yes Required Health Professionals Community
fitness room
Harrison/Stinson CS VDC
Yes Required Business Community
Eldridge/Fox  CS VDC
Yes Required Engineering HouseHonors CommunityHonors STEM/Health;
Student Success Center
 Red circle Center Residential Neighborhood
Henry CF Connected Yes Not required Aviation House
Western Heights CH Nearby Yes Required House commons area and kitchen;
Centrally private bathrooms; Air-conditioned
 Blue circle South Residential Neighborhood
Draper Carry-out No^ Required Fine Arts House
Some three-person rooms and some quads
Siedschlag F Carry-out No^ Required Fine Arts House;
Some three-person rooms and some quads
The Burnhams CF Within No^  Required Some three-person rooms and some quads
French CS Connected No^ Required Sophomore status or above;
Second Year ExperienceTenzing House
Davis CPB Connected Yes  Required Junior status or at least 21; Tenzing House
Zimmerman CS Connected Yes Required Sophomore status or above; 
Second-Year Experience


CF: Coed hall, with male or female floors. 
CH: Coed hall, with male or female houses. 
CPB:  Coed floor and rooms have private bathrooms.
CS: Coed floor with male and female suites.
M: All male.
F: All female. 
^: Beds can bunk. 

Western Michigan University reserves the right to change housing/dining options and hall designations as needed based on occupancy and circumstance. Some halls have various room configurations such as three-person rooms and some quads. Residence Life will make room assignments based on availability.