Education and Human Development

Western Michigan University's education and human development major provides current College of Education and Human Development students with the opportunity to pursue educational goals that cannot readily be accommodated in the majors offered in the CEHD academic departments. Students will work with the designated CEHD staff advisor to create a guided program of study that will then be approved by the faculty program coordinator. This program will provide you with:

  • A practicum, field experience or off-campus experiential learning component
  • An individualized degree-completion plan
  • Completion of a capstone portfolio

Beyond the classroom

As an education and human development student at WMU, you will be required to complete at least one course with a practicum, field experience or off-campus experiential learning component. You will also complete a capstone portfolio that illustrates your completion of program learning outcomes.

You can also gain valuable networking and professional development opportunities through student and community organizations, and students are encouraged to become involved in both academic and local organizations related to their career interests.

After you graduate

A major in education and human development allows you to utilize previously-completed courses in a CEHD major while obtaining a degree with a title reflecting your coursework and interests. This program allows your degree to showcase your career interests to employers. A major in education and human development could interest students who no longer want to, for example, become a teacher but would still like to work in the field of education.

Where is this program offered?

  • Kalamazoo

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