University Studies

Western Michigan University's university studies degree gives you the flexibility and control you need to complete a bachelor's degree on your terms. This degree program integrates prior coursework done through other majors into a generalized degree. The university studies program provides you with an opportunity to complete your bachelor's degree from WMU in a manageable and straightforward fashion without the constraints of a specialized curriculum. Apart from putting you behind the steering wheel of your program, this degree program can be completed entirely online.

Why university studies at WMU?

  • No matter where you are in the country or the world, you can finish your WMU degree.
  • The university studies degree is a perfect solution for former WMU students who have gone into different fields or discovered a passion for a new field.
  • Students who are close to graduation, but no longer find themselves suited to their current major, may switch to the university studies degree at any time.

What types of students are pursuing university studies degrees?

  • Students who have approximately 56 credits or more from WMU or another institution.
  • Non-traditional students or working adults with a family.
  • Those who have chosen not to finish their original major.
  • Those who wish to complete a graduate degree in the future.

After you graduate

Many employers are looking for a bachelor's degree, not a specific major. A university studies degree is a great way to show employers that you have varied interests and experience as well as a diversified education. You can find employment in the fields of your varied concentrations, just as if you had minored in those areas. For instance, if you have concentrations in business and health, you might search for job opportunities in health administration.

Career Outcomes

Where is this program offered?