Education and Human Development Major

Major: Education and Human Development 

The Education and Human Development major provides current College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) students the opportunity to pursue educational goals which cannot readily be accommodated in the majors offered in the CEHD academic departments. Students will work with the designated CEHD staff advisor to create a guided program of study that will then be approved by the faculty program coordinator.

Admission requirements and applications

Eligibility criteria

  • Currently have a declared major in the College of Education and Human Development
  • Have completed at least 77 credits by the end of the current term
  • Have a least a 2.0 cumulative GPA

Application process

  1. Meet with a CEHD academic advisor or the CEHD advising director to determine eligibility, review learning outcomes and draft a course plan
  2. Submit, to the CEHD advising director, the draft course plan and a written statement outlining:
  • how your educational goals align with the learning outcomes for the major and
  • how the proposed course of study accomplishes the goals

Program guide