Undergraduate Course Descriptions

ADA 2250 Drug Use: Personal and Social Impact
This course is designed to increase understanding of substance abuse, alcohol and other drug use through the public health disease model with an emphasis on psychological, physiological and social consequences of use and abuse. An overview of prevention, case finding and treatment strategies are provided. This course satisfies General Education Area VIII: Health and Well-Being.

ADA 3300 Addiction and the Addiction Process
This fundamental course will focus on the various models and theories of addiction as well as the behavioral, psychological, physical and social effects of substance abuse. An overview of the various medical and mental health conditions that may coexist with addiction is also included.

ADA 3360 Clinical Approaches to Substance Use Disorders
This course examines the various aspects of substance use disorder treatment processes and interventions. Students will learn about the development of an individualized treatment plan through the screening and intake processes that address an identified substance use disorder, as well as other issues related to the treatment process.

ADA 3370 Substance Abuse Treatment Strategies
Students will be introduced to a variety of helping strategies to use with substance abuse clients. This course will focus on treatment services, medical and pharmacological resources and crisis management.

ADA 3380 Addiction Assessment, Recovery, and Illness Management
Different philosophies, policies, and outcomes most generally accepted for the treatment, recovery, relapse prevention and continuing care of addiction are addressed in this course. There will also be a strong focus on how to include all resources within an individual's life system to help them with their addictions.

ADA 3410 Diversity and Substance Abuse
Helps students understand diverse cultures and incorporate the relevant needs of culturally diverse groups into clinical practice. Also examines ethical topics directly related to diverse populations, such as different strategies of coping and how various cultures view addiction and recovery.

SWRK 4230 Ethics in Substance Abuse Treatment
This course takes students from an initial understanding of personal value-based decision making into professional and public value-based decision making, resulting eventually in the application of models employed in the substance abuse field. In addition, this course will address legal and ethical issues as well as professional standards.

ADA 5200 Family and Addiction  (Course added effective Fall 2018)
Thiscourse provides students with knowledge on the effects of substance abuse on the family. Included is theory and practice regarding dysfunctional relationships, children of substance abusers, and resulting disorders.