Change Term

Applicants who are admitted to Western Michigan University but plan to attend a future semester may be eligible to change their entering term without reapplying.

You are eligible to change your entering term if:
  • You plan to update to an entry term within one academic year (no more than three semesters) from your original application.  
    Example: If you applied for fall 2021, you would be eligible to change your entry term to spring 2022, summer I 2022, or summer II 2022 without reapplying.
  • You did not attend any colleges or universities after your admission to WMU
You will need to reapply to WMU if you:  
  • Originally applied for an entry term more than three semesters (one academic year) prior 
    Example: If you applied for fall 2021, your application would be valid for spring 2022, summer I 2022, and summer II 2022. If you plan to attend in fall 2022, you would need to submit a new application.  
  • Attended any other college or university since admission
  • Attended WMU more than one academic year (three semesters) ago and left before earning a bachelor’s degree
  • Attended WMU and were academically dismissed

To complete a new application, visit

New Application

To change your entering term, please complete this form.

Change Term