Application Types

Begin the application process by selecting the option below that's right for you between undergraduate, graduate or international applications. If you are unsure what application you need to complete, use this page to help guide you, or reach the WMU admissions office at (269) 387-2000.

Undergraduate Student Applications

FRESHMAN: I'm going to college for the first time after finishing high school, finishing an early/middle college program or completing my GED. 

TRANSFER: I'm going to another college and want to finish my bachelor's degree at WMU. 

RETURNING: I went to WMU but have been away for a year or was academically dismissed. I want to come back to finish my bachelor's degree. 

NON DEGREE/CERTIFICATE/SECOND MAJOR OR MINOR: I want to take classes but not earn a degree. 

INITIAL TEACHER CERTIFICATION FOR POST-BACCALAUREATES: I have a bachelor's degree but want to earn teacher certification. Learn more about the Initial Teacher Certification program.

SENIOR CITIZENS' OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM IN EDUCATION: I'm a senior citizen 62 or over and want to take an undergraduate class, but not earn a degree. Learn more about SCOPE.

SECOND BACHELOR'S DEGREE: I want to complete another bachelor's degree. Applicants should meet with an adviser and apply at least 6 months prior to their intended start term.

GUEST STUDENT: I want to take WMU classes to transfer back to my college.

HIGH SCHOOL DUAL ENROLLMENT: I'm a high school student who has demonstrated the potential for success in college and have the approval of my high school principal to enroll in WMU classes.

Graduate Student Applications

DEGREE SEEKING: I have a bachelor's degree and am seeking an advanced, graduate degree.  

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMI want to take classes towards a graduate certificate program, but not earn a degree. 

READMISSION: I was previously admitted and enrolled in a graduate program at WMU and want to come back to complete it. 

NON DEGREE: I have a bachelor’s degree, but am not planning to pursue a degree or graduate certificate program, or I am not eligible for admission to a degree or certificate program.

CERTIFIED TEACHER OR ADMINISTRATOR SEEKING CONTINUING CERTIFICATIONI am a certified teacher or school administrator seeking to take classes as needed for state certification and am not seeking to pursue a graduate degree at this time.

SENIOR CITIZENS' OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM IN EDUCATION: I'm a senior citizen and want to take a graduate class, but not earn a degree. 


International Student Applications

You are considered an international applicant if:

  • You are not a U.S. Citizen or dual citizen with U.S. passport
  • You are not a U.S. Permanent Resident
    -  U.S. Permanent Residents have a 1-551 Permanent Resident Card or Green Card
  • You are not an asylee or refugee living in the U.S.
  • You are not an undocumented non-citizen living in the U.S.
    -  This includes those with DACA status

Visit International Admissions and Services to select your application type.