The bassoon studio at Western Michigan University is a diverse, creative group of talented and dedicated bassoonists who are intent on developing their musical skills to the highest level. The studio is typically comprised of seven or eight undergraduate students and one graduate assistant. Students are selected by audition during New Student Admission Days and must also be accepted by the university. All music majors take applied lessons with Dr. Rose. The bassoon studio is a close-knit group of supportive individuals who enjoy performing in ensembles together and learning from one another.

Bassoon studio class is offered throughout the year and in it students perform for each other and discuss various bassoon topics such as effective practicing, teaching strategies, how to be a successful ensemble player, orchestral excerpts, etc. Freshman and sophomore students are required to attend reed class to develop skills to become independent reed makers. In addition to technical and performance requirements, students have a weekly reed requirement. Each semester, students have the opportunity to perform in a solo setting on the bassoon studio recital. 

Over the past four years bassoon students have been selected three times as winners of the WMU School of Music Concerto Competition. Mingyuan Yang (B.M. '16) was the first prize winner of the International Double Reed Society’s 2013 Young Artist Competition held in Redlands, California. Graduates of the bassoon studio have been admitted to prestigious graduate programs and have secured positions in schools, universities and orchestras. Many students have participated in summer festivals throughout the USA, Canada, Latin America and Europe.