• Photo Buster waiting for the bus

    The bus will only stop at designated bus stops.

  • Photo of Buster boarding the bus

    Wait at any bus stop sign or shelter.

  • Photo of Buster showing Bronco Card

    Riding is easy—just show your Bronco Card and find a seat.

  • Photo of Buster riding the bus

    The bus will stop at all Bronco Transit bus stops—there is no need to notify the driver that you need to exit at an upcoming stop.

Bronco Transit Changes for Exam Week

  • Bronco Transit schedule changes for Exam week, see individual routes for time changes.

  • No bus service on main campus during the winter break, Dec. 17, 2018-Jan. 4, 2019.

  • All routes will resume normal service on Jan. 7, 2019.

Changes for fall 2018

1.) Main campus routes after 8 p.m.
Bronco Transit will maximize service by having one bus service main campus after 8 p.m. This bus will travel clockwise following the Gold Route on campus and will service riders until 12:18 a.m.

2.) New GPS system
This fall WMU will be teaming up with Indian Trails to maximize the GPS service used on Indian Trail’s fleet throughout the United States. By utilizing the system already on the buses drivers will only have to operate one system and Western will see cost saving as a result of this effort. New apps are available to download at broncotransit.com

WMU bus service

Your fares have been prepaid. To ride the bus, students, faculty and staff, show a valid Western Michigan University Bronco Card to any bus driver.

Campus loading zone

All WMU Bronco Transit routes, the aviation shuttle and community routes arrive and depart from the campus loading zone, located between Rood Hall and the Fetzer Center.