How to Guide

Board the bus

  1. Wait at any bus stop sign or shelter. The bus will only stop at designated bus stops.
  2. Check the name and route number to ensure it is the bus you want.
  3. Enter at the front of the bus and show the driver your valid WMU Bronco ID Card. (Please note riders must have an actual card to gain access to the bus or riders must pay the fare to ride.) 


  • Enjoy the ride! Read or listen to music, as long as you wear a headset and others cannot hear it.
  • Please do not eat, drink or smoke on the buses.
  • Pets, except for guide dogs, are not allowed on buses.
  • If all the seats are full, please offer your seat to a senior or disabled passenger.

Exit the bus

Buses can stop at any bus stop sign or street corner where it is safe for you to exit the bus.

  1. Shortly before you reach your destination, you need to signal to the driver that you are ready to get off the bus by pushing the black or yellow strip located inside the bus between the windows.
  2. Exit the bus from the rear doors so boarding passengers can enter through the front door.