Alexander Anderson, The 30

Alexander Anderson, B.B.A.'12

Alexander Anderson is on the rise. As a two-time honoree for The 30, Anderson continues to help businesses catapult their sales strategies to new heights. Since starting the consulting firm Elevated Business Advisors, he has helped a myriad of clients—from growing startups to global Fortune 100 companies—design and execute a customized sales blueprint based on their unique goals. He does this through his revolutionary model, Technically Selling, which combines his sales acumen with insights from research in behavioral economics and cognitive psychology.

Anderson launched his first book based on this model, titled “Technically Selling,” in spring 2020 and has embarked on a nationwide book tour. He also stresses the importance of work-life balance—an avid photographer, Anderson enjoys decompressing behind the camera lens.

  • The Entreprising Entrepreneur

    Elevated Business Advisors
  • Best learning experience at WMU:

    Sales education. Being educated in the professional selling occupation, without question, set me up to achieve both immediate and long-term success.

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