Joy Goldschmidt, The 30

Joy Goldschmidt

Joy Goldschmidt likes to look at problems from every angle, then use her global experience to provide the best solutions. An astute problem solver with a passion for people, Goldschmidt found a natural fit in the integrated supply management program. With four internships and co-op experiences under her belt, she has already accepted a full-time offer as an analyst with the supply chain development program at Dell in Austin, Texas.

An intrepid traveler, Goldschmidt grew up in Germany and ventured all around Europe before moving to Michigan with her family in 2013. During her time at the Haworth College of Business, she has taken advantage of study abroad programs in Australia, India and Thailand. This all-star Business Bronco also took on roles as a college ambassador, computer information systems tutor and APICS student chapter president.

  • Pragmatic Globetrotter

    Senior, Integrated Supply Management
  • Bucket list:

    Travel to every continent, learn to ride a horse, get scuba-certified, road trip through every state, hike through every national park in the U.S., write a book.
  • Hobbies:

    Going for walks with her Doberman pinscher, skiing, hiking, swimming, arts and crafts.
  • Hidden talent:

    Bilingual in German and English

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