Brittany Vliek, The 30

Brittany Vliek, B.B.A.’14

Brittany Vliek was ready to plug right into a career in web development after graduating from the Haworth College of Business. Her ambitions led her to an opportunity with Red Ventures, a technology-driven digital marketing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Vliek spent her early career supporting partnerships with major national brands by developing sales-center software and reporting tools. In just five years with the company, she has played a key role in multiple projects, has earned three promotions, and is currently leading technology on one of the business’s most established and valuable products—a paid media platform called Sematic.

In addition to her accelerating career in tech, Vliek is passionate about promoting an inclusive STEM community. She is highly involved in the recruiting and interviewing process at Red Ventures and has helped reduce bias in the candidate pipeline to bring in more diverse talent. She also volunteers with organizations that promote women in STEM at all ages.

  • The Tech Titan

    Software Engineering Manager, Red Ventures
  • Hobbies:

    Reading, video games and hiking.
  • Best advice:

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll learn much faster if you’re willing to admit when you don’t know something.

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