Joshua Wenke, The 30

Joshua Wenke

Joshua Wenke is fascinated by the ways in which technology can enhance lives. Growing up in fast-paced California, he saw the potential that technology has to impact others from an early age. He chose to pursue a degree in computer information systems with a minor in business analytics because he knew it would put him on a successful track to a career in information technology.

Outside of the classroom, Wenke is president of the Business Technology Network, a student organization that connects tech-savvy students with the IT industry. During his two-year presidency, he has organized multiple workshops and professional development events with local companies, and has quadrupled membership.

Thanks to his experiences as a Business Bronco, Wenke was offered a position as an IT and business analyst for Innovative Software Solutions, which he will begin upon graduation. He will be analyzing big data and creating meaningful dashboards to help lower business costs and enhance company performance.

  • IT Innovator

    Senior, Computer Information Systems
  • Bucket list:

    I want to visit major technology companies like Apple, Google and Amazon and meet some of their senior leadership. It would be inspiring to hear how they got to where they are and what pieces of advice they have for a young technology professional.
  • Hidden talent:

    I can play five different musical instruments: piano, drums, trumpet, tuba and singing (if you count your voice as an instrument!).

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