Arcadia Flats


View from Stadium Drive

By the year 2024, Western Michigan University plans to re-imagine the southern portion of main campus, including a new student center and several other major building efforts.  This new Arcadia Flats project, located on the site of the former Elmwood Apartments, is the first realization of this vision.  The existing Elmwood Apartments were demolished over the summer of 2018 to provide a clean slate for the construction of something new, setting the stage for the first wave of South Neighborhood revitalization.

Beginning in March of 2018, the University began partnering with Stantec Architecture and their team of national residence life experts to design the new housing project.  WMU crafted a vision for the apartment building, centered around creating an icon visible from Stadium Drive and developing a community that promotes healthy, sustainable living.  WMU also envisioned making this housing project a model of communal 21st century housing and creating a place where upperclass students can live, learn, network and play.  Located near the center of campus, the building will be seen as a prominent icon from Stadium drive, transforming the South Neighborhood, and signaling the future of housing and education at WMU. 

View of Lounge Space

Goals of the project

The overarching design goals of this new housing project are twofold: first, to provide the latest and greatest in student housing amenities, incorporating cutting-edge design elements geared toward the student of the future. As such, it will be used to strengthen the University’s recruitment and retention goals.

Second, there is a desire to refresh the visual identity of the University along the very visible Stadium Drive corridor, providing a new face that is more fitting of a progressive, 21st century campus.

The project will be complete in the summer of 2020, and open for the 2020-21 academic year.


Want to see what the new apartment units will look like??  Take a 360-degree virtual tour!!


View of Courtyard

 Construction WebCam

 Site Logistics Plan

  1. There are three access points to the site, meant for construction traffic to enter and exit—one off Arcadia, one off  Moore Drive and one off Ring Road South. These will be gated and secured.
  2. Parking Lot 22 will be taken over for construction trailers for the duration of construction activities.
  3. Parking Lot 23 has been given over to construction activity as of June 2019. It will re-open in the Fall of 2020 for student use.
  4. The sidewalk along the Ring Road will remain, as will the majority of parking along Arcadia (minus a few spots at the northwest construction entrance).

site logistics pLAN


View the parking map for students residing at the Burnhams and Arcadia Flats, starting in the Fall of 2020.