Virtual Imaging Technology Lab

An unused space on the third floor of WMU’s Dalton Center has become a new state-of-the-art Virtual Imaging Technology Lab.  Housed within this small space will be a 10’ x 27’ LED wall, multiple motion capture systems, high-end computers, and virtual reality and 3D imaging equipment. Combined with the Department’s expertise in virtual technologies, this space will put the College of Fine Arts at the forefront of innovation, providing tools to not only entice the best and brightest students to the University, but to develop projects and relationships with both internal and external partners.

The lab has three primary components:  a connection to arts curriculum for the delivery of arts programs and other disciplines throughout the University;  a research arm for work in extended reality;  and a community interface for the training and education of professionals from first responders to urban planners to manufacturing.

project goals

  • Create a space that supports the design, production and research of virtual imaging technologies.
  • Explore how various virtual imaging technologies can be used together to create new multi-modal experiences.
  • Provide technology, classroom and studio support to address new, innovative approaches to arts education and performance as a result of a changing world.
  • Expose students, faculty and the local community to technologies that will shape the future.




When the space opens, the Virtual Imaging Technology Lab will be the first operating virtual production space in Michigan.

Our LED wall vendor, 209 Group, played a major role in the creation of Amazon Studio’s new Virtual Production Stage in California, currently the largest in the United States.

The first project in the space will be with WMU choreography students using virtual reality with the University's own custom developed software.


Questions regarding the Virtual Imaging Technology Lab project should be directed to David Dakin: or (269) 387-8834.