Student Center and Dining Facilities


By the year 2023, Western Michigan University plans to re-imagine the southern portion of main campus, including a new student center and several other major building efforts. The new student center, located at the current site of McCracken Hall, will serve as an anchor at the northwestern edge of the larger site. McCracken Hall will be demolished over the summer of 2019 to provide a clean slate for the construction of this unique new facility.

WMU has partnered with Cannon Design, a leader in higher education facilities and student centers to design the new facility, which will include:

  • Information and Welcome Center
  • Student Organization Support
  • Student Support Services
  • Affinity Spaces
  • Lounges/Flexible Space
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Retail Shops/Food Service
  • Student Meal Plan Food Service/Dining

The project will be complete in the summer of 2021, and open for the 2021-22 academic year.


 View from West Michigan Ave Mall


View from South Hayes Drive



  • Student focused
  • Innovative, flexible design
  • Encourage social engagement
  • Architecturally distinctive and iconic
  • Minimum LEED Silver certified
  • Source of pride and tradition
  • THE community center, hang-out, WMU’s living room
  • Provide leadership development and co-curricular education
  • A unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity


Construction WebCam


Site Logistical Plan- McCracken Demolition & New Building Construction (Starting May 2019)



Town Hall Public Presentation September 17, 2018