Hilltop Village Loop Road and Open Space

The recently completed South Neighborhood Sub-campus Master Plan, which was created to guide redevelopment of the southern portion of WMU’s main campus, identified strong pedestrian and vehicular circulation pathways to help organize the new development.  A new primary Loop Road traverses the new development, connecting to the Ring Road at two points.  The Loop Road is being designed using the ‘complete streets’ concept, to create a roadway that is safe and convenient and supports mobility for users of all abilities.  A complete street includes accommodations not only for pedestrians, but for all modes of transportation, from bicycles and scooters to cars and buses.


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The University has been working with CannonDesign and their consultants as an off-shoot of the current Student Center and Dining Facility project, to design the top portion of the Loop Road, which connects the mid-part of Arcadia Loop to the new Student Center, creating access to both the main entrance and the loading dock.  A steering committee guided the work, and construction documents for the top portion of the road were completed in April of 2020.  A temporary road and parking lot will coincide with the opening of the Student Center, while the permanent Loop Road will be completed in phases as the Hilltop Village development is realized.


Our second public input session occurred on January 23rd.  If you missed it (or were there and want to see it again) view the presentation here:  Part 1: Loop Road Design and Part 2: Perch Design.

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Questions regarding the Hilltop Village Loop Road and Open Space project should be directed to John Seelman, Project Manager:  john.seelman@wmich.edu or (269) 387-8539.