Master of Science in Engineering (Civil Engineering)

As you earn your master's degree, you will diligently work with expert faculty generating new knowledge and engineering methods, becoming proficient in civil engineering standards and practices. When graduation approaches, you will confidently pursue important roles in industry that benefit local communities and the world.  

Pride points

  • 96% of graduate students are working or continuing their education after graduation

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • $80K - $90K median starting salary for recent master's and Ph.D. College of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduates working full time

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • 96% of graduate students working full time after graduation have a job related to their degree

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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Is a master's degree in civil engineering right for me?

Working in the field of civil engineering involves design and construction of systems that enhance the quality of life and improve the environment. If you want to play an active role in the development and rejuvenation of our national infrastructure, the Master of Science in Engineering - Civil Engineering, designed with industry input, is a great step. Whether you seek to move-up in your current company, pursue research or change your path entirely, Western will help you get there.

Our graduate program revolves around construction engineering and management, structural engineering and transportation engineering, and allows students to earn the degree on a full-time or part-time basis with a design, technical-management or research orientation.

Admission requirements

Students entering the civil engineering master’s degree program are expected to have a background equivalent to that of a student graduating from the department's undergraduate civil and construction engineering degree programs, or to obtain such background through specified prerequisite coursework.

How can I fund my M.S.E. in civil engineering degree?

How can I fund my M.S.E. in civil engineering degree?

Western strives to to help you manage the cost of earning a graduate degree. You can fund your graduate degree through federal aid, loans, scholarships, grants, research assistantships and more.

Three options that fit your goals

When you study modeling and analysis of civil engineering at WMU, you will select one of our three programs, ensuring you get the education your ambitions require—research, professional practice or technical and management development. 

Your coursework: At least 50 percent of the total credit hours applied to the degree, excluding thesis and design project, must be CCE courses and at least 2/3 of the credit hours applied to the degree must be taught by a department in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

All students complete two core courses: 

  • CCE 6020 Modeling and Analysis of Civil Engineering Applications   Credits: 3 hours
  • CCE 6100 Civil Systems Analysis   Credits: 3 hours

The program options and additional degree requirements are:

  • Option one—Research (30 Credit Hours), including the following:
    • 24 credit hours of coursework, including 9 hours in the primary area and 6 hours in the secondary area of civil engineering..
    • 6 credit hours of thesis work
  • Option two—Professional Practice (30 Credit Hours)
    • 27 credit hours, at least three courses in each of two areas of civil engineering and at least three credit hours of graduate capstone design that culminates in the preparation of a project report.
    • 3 credit hours of project work
  • Option three—Technical and Management Development (36 Credit Hours)
    • 36 credit hours, including at least three courses in each of two area of civil engineering and three courses developing business management and engineering management skills.

View more information on the Master of Science in Engineering (Civil Engineering) in the graduate catalog.

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Accelerated degrees

  • Fast track your learning with an accelerated degree

    Undergraduate student can access more learning and save time in our accelerated master’s program. Weave graduate courses (up to 9 credits) into your undergraduate degree in civil engineering from WMU, and earn your B.S. in Engineering and M.S. in civil engineering and choose either a thesis or non-thesis option.