Master's Program

The primary areas of focus in the department at the graduate level are construction engineering and management, structural engineering and transportation engineering. Through the available program options, students can earn the degree on a full-time or part-time basis and can have a design or research orientation.

The objectives of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering are:

  • Maintain a high quality graduate program. Graduates are adequately prepared for entrance into advanced careers or further studies.
  • Generate new knowledge and engineering methods to serve the state, the nation and the global community.
    • Graduates successfully complete a thesis or design project to address a civil engineering problem using sound engineering principles and techniques.
    • Graduate students’ theses solve an engineering problem of importance to the state, the nation, or the global community.

Admission Requirements

Students entering the proposed master’s degree program are expected to have a background equivalent to that of a student graduating from the department's undergraduate civil and construction engineering degree programs, or to obtain such background through specified prerequisite coursework.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the proposed master's degree program, all students must complete a course in advanced mathematics and must satisfy the requirements of one of three program options. Regardless of the degree option selected, at least 50 percent of the total credit hours applied to the degree, excluding thesis and design project, must be CCE courses and at least 2/3 of the credit hours applied to the degree must be taught by a department in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The program options and additional degree requirements are:

  • Option one—Research (30 Credit Hours), including the following:
    • 24 credit hours of coursework, including 9 hours in the major, 6 hours in the minor, CCE 6020, and CCE 6100.
    • 6 credit hours of thesis work
  • Option two—Professional Practice (30 Credit Hours)
    • 27credit hours, including minimum 9 hours in the major, 6 hours in the minor, one elective, CCE 6020, and CCE 6100.
    • 3 credit hours of project work
  • Option three—Technical and Management Development (36 Credit Hours)
    • 36 credit hours, including minimum 9 hours in the major, 6 hours in the minor, electives, CCE 6020, and CCE 6100.

View more information on the Master of Science in civil engineering in the graduate catalog.

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