BFA in Dance (79 hours)

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All students audition for and enter WMU Dance programs in the same way. Dance students can be considered for entrance into the BFA program during the second semester of their first year in the BA program.


The B.F.A. program emphasizes training in performance, choreography, and the skills necessary to support an active career in dance and related fields at the professional level.

Students graduating with a B.F.A. in dance will have:

  • Professional, entry-level proficiency in dance, including technical and creative proficiency, capability to produce work and solve professional problems independently.
  • Multiple perspectives and techniques to discuss, analyze, and contextualize the influences of history, culture, moral and ethical issues as they apply to the field of dance.
  • A body of work related to dance performance and/or choreography, related to their career goals as an artist.

Through completion of the B.F.A. in dance the student will:

  • Apply dance as an embodied, expressive medium.
  • Articulate a personal aesthetic reflective of career interests
  • Communicate a personal aesthetic through performance and/or composition.
  • Critically analyze and contextualize influences of history, culture, moral, and ethical issues.
  • Produce work and solve professional problems independently

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