Student Organizations

Dance students participate in many student organizations. The following dance organizations provide excellent opportunities to perform, create new work, engage the community, teach, and explore the many forms and cultures of dance.

Orchesis Dance Society

 Orchesis Dance Society performs

The Orchesis Dance Society is a self-sustained organization within the department of dance at Western Michigan University. Orchesis acts as a liaison between faculty and students, provides performance opportunities, which enable students to showcase creative works, raises funds, brings in guest artists from the professional dance world, and provides any additional support to the dance department through dance events and fundraisers.

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Orchesis Dance Society

Ebony Vision Dance Ensemble

Ebony Vision Dance Ensemble uplifts the voice, strength, and intricacies of African American cultural experiences through dance.  Through thoughtfully curated performances and community outreach, the organization's purpose is to connect Ebony Vision's members with the entire campus and positively impact the broader Kalamazoo community through African American rooted dance. 

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Ebony Vision on Instagram

 Movement Exchange

Video of State of the Movement Address June 2016


Movement Exchange fosters cross-cultural understanding, civic engagement, and creative expression through dance and service. We are service-oriented students who are interested and passionate about using dance and service as a tool for social change by providing dance education to under-served populations both domestically and internationally. In May of 2016, a group of 17 students traveled to Panama to provide community outreach at the Malambo Orphanage.

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Movement Exchange at WMU

 Hip Hop Connxion (HHC)

Video of Hip Hop ConnXion Michigan :: THE ONE 2017 Urban Dance Showcase (Watch in 720p or higher)

The Hip Hop ConnXion (HHC) is a dance troupe of all ages, sex and color each striving towards one common goal…TO INSPIRE! The company has a definitive mission statement which is, “Our Future Is Here Today”. Its primary goal is to inspire others to be the best they can be and educate our youth to make positive choices by being positive role models within the community.