• Orange flowing fabric with dancer in the middle.

    Explore All Forms

    Explore and study ballet, jazz, and modern technique to the advanced level.

  • Facutly member Jeremy Blair demonstrating technique

    Gain A Mentor

    Get individual attention from dedicated faculty and develop as an artist.

  • Connect with Professionals

    Learn from today's leading professionals through guest artist residencies.

  • Movement Exchange in Panama

    Expand Your Horizons

    Join a student organization and dance outside of the classroom.

Our community is your strength

Take a tour of our facilities and see how everything from our spaces to our curriculum to our campus community is designed for your success -  in dance and in life.

The Department of Dance is committed to:

  • Experiential learning where students integrate theory and practice to discover, explore, and articulate a sense of themselves as dance artists and leaders
  • Providing special projects and classroom experiences that value student choice and variety
  • Offering comprehensive, tri-focal training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance techniques
  • Engagement with national and international dance communities through artist residencies and immersive experiences