New students

Prospective dance majors who wish to be considered for scholarship must attend an on-site audition in either October or November, and submit two letters of recommendation prior to the audition, one of which must be from a dance teacher. Scholarship candidates will write an essay on-site and have an interview with a member of the faculty during the audition day. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated skill and potential. Those applying for scholarships will receive notification of their scholarship status with their acceptance letter, and notification of award amount by December 1.

Continuing students


Partners in Dance Scholarship application

department Scholarship Application - current majors only


Prospective and current students who apply for scholarships will receive written notification of their scholarship status. Recipients must sign and return a copy of their scholarship letter by the deadline stated in the letter in order to have the award credited to their student account. If you have further questions, please call (269) 387-5834 or email Please leave your valid email address as this is the easiest way for us to reach you.