Guest Artists

  • Jeremy Jae Neal staging "The Gettin'"
  • Ruth Andrien, from Taylor 2, discusses the work of Paul Taylor in an open rehearsal
  • Guest Artist, Christian Denice, staging "Threshold"


Professional guest artists

Western Michigan University’s Department of Dance is committed to connecting students with dance professionals who:

  • Create new works for students to perform
  • Instruct technique and creative classes
  • Restage masterworks of choreography for the Great Works Dance Project
  • Prepare individual dancers for auditions in their professional career
  • Share their experiences and insight through presentations and discussions with students'


2017-2018 Guest Artists Include

Taylor 2 - PTAMD, Paul Taylor's second company.

Victoria Simon, Répétiteur for The George Balanchine Trust

DanceWorks Chicago, artistic direction by Julie Nakagawa

Christian Denice, Chicago based choreographer

Brendan Duggan, Artistic Director, Loud Hound Movement

Melanie George, Choreographer, Dramaturg, Educator, Scholar

Adam McGaw, Choreographer

Claudia Queen, Award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist musician  for dance.

Eric Bean, Lion King National Tour

Robert McKee, Artistic Director of Inaside Chicago Dance



Previous Guest Artist Residencies

Arturo Fernandez, Ballet Master of Alonzo King LINES Ballet, discusses staging of the contemporary work "Koto":

Interested in seeing more documentary features with our Guest Artists?  Check out the WMU Dance You Tube Channel.

Frank Chaves working with WMU dancers while in residency setting his work "Temporal Trance".


Prior Guest Artists include:


  • Robert Battle, Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
  • Frank Chaves, Founder and Artistic Director of River North Dance Chicago
  • Peter Chu, Founder and Artistic Director of Chuthis
  • Lou Conte, Founder of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
  • DanceWorks Chicago
  • Ron De Jesus, Founder and Artistic Director of Ron De Jesus Dance
  • George Faison, Founder of the George Faison Universal Dance Experience
  • Arturo Fernandez, Ballet Master for Alonzo King LINES Ballet
  • John Gardner, Soloist with American Ballet Theater
  • Gina Gibney, Founder and Artistic Director of Gibney Dance
  • Erick Hawkins, Founder and Artistic Director of Erick Hawkins Dance Company
  • Murray Louis, Founder and Artistic Director of Murray Louis Dance Company
  • Donald McKayle, Founder and Artistic Director of Donald McKayle and Dancers
  • Amanda McKerrow, Soloist with American Ballet Theater
  • Sulamith Messerer, Ballet Mistress for Bolshoi Ballet
  • Daniel Nagrin, Founder of Dance-Percussion Trio and Tamiris-Nagrin Company
  • Alwin Nikolais, Founder and Artistic Director of Alwin Nikolais Dance Theater
  • Billy Siegenfeld, Founder and Artistic Director of Jump Rhythm Jazz Project
  • Jurgen Schneider, Ballet Master for American Ballet Theatre
  • Willy Shives, Artistic Director of San Antonio Ballet
  • Leslie Young, Soloist with San Francisco Ballet

See the Department of Dance's You Tube Channel for more video documentaries of other guest artists in residence as they stage works for the Great Works Dance Project.