Create your future in dance at WMU

Dance alum Kendall Owens had a calling to pursue both nursing and dance - WMU mentors helped her do it.

BA in Dance

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Students audition for and enter all WMU Dance programs in the same way. Dance students can be considered for entrance into the BFA program during the second semester of their first year in the BA program.


The B.A program focuses on flexibility within a liberal arts education with a strong foundation in general dance studies. B.A. students individualize their dance program by choosing electives to support their goals.

Students graduating from the B.A. in dance will have:

  • A general knowledge of technique and composition as they relate to the field of dance
  • Knowledge and/or skills in one or more areas of dance beyond basic coursework
  • The ability to synthesize knowledge in the application of an individualized project related to career goals.

Through completion of the B.A. in dance the student will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of dance technique
  • Demonstrate advanced application of skill in dance through clear and effective communication through one or more of the following: (performance, choreography, teaching, production & design, writing, speaking)
  • Integrate theory and practice through an individual project that applies artistic philosophy to career goals