• Technique classes are taught to the advanced level in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern.

  • Dance Science and Kinesiology educates students on anatomical analysis, conditioning principles and injury prevention.

  • WMU Dancers also learn skills and technology related to dance production, including lighting design and stage management, as well as sound editing and playback.

Dance courses offered include all levels of ballet, jazz and modern dance, five courses in choreography, three dance history courses, dance science and analysis, conditioning, pedagogy and production. An audition is required for acceptance into all dance major programs.

The Department of Dance at Western Michigan University offers four programs in dance:


Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance (79 credit hours)

The B.F.A. program emphasizes performance, choreographic and aesthetic training and is designed for the student seeking employment at the professional level.

BFA Recommended Course Sequence


Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance (52 credit hours)

The B.A. program offers an opportunity to explore the diversity of the dance profession within a strong liberal arts component. B.A. students individualize their program by choosing electives that support their dance career goals.

BA Recommended Course Sequence


Online Certificate in Dance Studio Management (18 credit hours)

This program is under reevaluation during 2019-20 to best serve the needs of current and prospective students. We do not plan to offer the courses in fall 2019 or spring 2020 while we undergo this evaluation.  Please contact Department Chair, Megan Slayter to address specific questions.


The Online Undergraduate Certificate in Dance Studio Management is designed to provide current and prospective dance studio owners with knowledge and skills related to dance studio ownership and management.

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Application and admission requirements for the Online Certificate in Dance Studio Management can be found at


Dance minor (18 credit hours)

The dance minor is designed for students who wish to continue their dance studies as an avocation. Due to high demand, the dance minor is limited to 50 students and there is a waiting list to become a minor.


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