About Us

  • OT student assisting young lady
  • Group using the TapIt
  • Participants in a Mind Aerobics™ Class
  • Student works with participant

The Center for Disability Services operates as a community service under the auspices of the College of Health and Human Services at Western Michigan University. The range of services for adults include Skill Building Assistance, Case ManagementCommunity Living Services, and Adult Wellness Programs

Typically, adults who receive our services have an intellectual disability or other developmental disability or condition such that they require assistance with personal-care, require mobility assistance, and use alternative communication strategies. Our services focus on improving functioning and participation—understanding and communicating with the world (cognition) moving and getting around (mobility) self care (attending to one's hygiene, dressing, eating and staying alone) getting along with people (interpersonal interactions) life activities (domestic responsibilities, leisure and work) and participation in society (joining in community activities). 

Our programs are designed to meet our mission "to help people live life fully" by providing the extensive, daily ongoing training and support required for community living.