UMSC April Minutes

April 2022 Meeting Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Union-Management Safety Committee was conducted on April 12th, 2022 by the Environmental Health and Safety department with the following individuals in attendance:

Kathi Cain-Babbitt A AFSCME
Clara Davis A Environmental Health and Safety
Kelly Duncan A Landscape Services
Stacy Emery VA Sindecuse Health Center
Justin Keech A Custodial Services
Marcy Lynn A Maintenance Services
Juanita Snell A Custodial Services
Ian Stamp A Maintenance Services
Laura Weber VA Legal Affairs, Risk, and Compliance
Mark Weiss A Environmental Health and Safety
Jake Woods A Environmental Health and Safety

In-Person Attendance: (A)
Virtual Attendance: (VA)


Jake Woods previously provided an update to the trip and fall concern involving a stormwater drain located near Rood Hall and Everett Tower. The drain is surrounded by stone aggregate and is in a depression relative to the surrounding walkway. A trip and fall risk is present due to the immediate and unprotected elevation change. Clara Davis previously performed an onsite survey and opened a dialogue regarding the situation with Laura Weber and the Disability Services for Students department. A recommendation of having additional aggregate brought in to help reduce the immediate elevation change was communicated to the Landscape Services leadership for creation of work order, LW-100339. A subsequent onsite meeting between Maintenance Services, Projects and Construction, and EHS resulted in a follow-up meeting with Landscape Services and the design contractor. Various mitigation actions were discussed and a decision to install additional aggregate of a darker color was determined to be the plan of action. Additional aggregate will help to lessen the elevation change and contrasting color stone will help to indicate a transition from sidewalk to the stormwater depression. Jake Woods will reach out to the Landscape Services department for an update.

Kelly Duncan provided an update to the concern involving concrete walkways and stairways that need repair due to damage and/or degradation. Kelly and/or the Landscape Services group is continuing the process of creating a list of the damaged materials located on campus. The list will then be reviewed by Landscape Services management for further action and the areas will also be added to the UMSC Damaged Concrete / Brick Areas on Campus list.


Two projects will be impacted by the scheduled demolition of Henry Hall and the Bernhard Center.


Juanita Snell introduced a concern involving construction equipment and supplies that are causing an obstruction on the loading dock of the Dalton Center. Marcy Lynn mentioned that a project in the area is nearing completion and that the materials in question may be related to the efforts. Marcy will investigate and provide a follow up.

Justin Keech explained a recent situation the occurred at Read Fieldhouse regarding concerns of doors being left open that were expressed by an elevator repair contractor. The contractor was working in the vicinity of Custodial Services personnel who had left a door open, to help facilitate ventilation, to a room where dusty work activities were being performed. Juanita Snell will investigate and provide a follow up.

Ian Stamp introduced a concern involving a possibly malfunctioning electronic access alarm located on an exterior door at the loading dock of Floyd Hall. It seems that the alarm delay is set for to short of a duration or a related component is damaged / not working properly. The loud alarm activates during normal entry, regardless if the door is closed immediately after an individual pass through the threshold. Jake Woods will investigate with WMU-DPS and provide a follow up.

The Committee discussed vehicular traffic concerns that have been observed since the initiation of the Stadium Drive repaving project. It was mentioned that vehicles have been seen making illicit U-turns causing disruption, driving dangerously on the Oliver St. hill, and speeding on Ring Rd. Jake Woods will reach out to WMU-DPS in an effort to bring heightened awareness of the situation and observations that have been made by AFSCME personnel.

Ian Stamp introduced a concern regarding the process of Student Affairs staff performing electrical system breaker resets at the Goldsworth Valley complexes. Ian mentioned these procedures include keeping a log-book of resets performed; information documented would be date, whom performed, cause of reset, etc. This information is reviewed periodically by Maintenance Services in order to determine trends that may indicate further repair is needed to the building’s electrical system. Jake Woods will investigate whether the log book is being kept up to date and provide a follow up.

Kelly Duncan introduced a concern regarding abandoned bikes at the Western View Apartment complex. She mentioned that there are a number of rusted and damaged bikes, some missing essential components such as tires, that have been locked to bike racks for multiple years. In the past, abandoned bikes left on-campus were removed by WMU-DPS. Jake Woods will investigate current procedures and provide a follow up.


Kelly Duncan wanted to remind the Committee members and their constituents to be mindful of slow-moving vehicles, such as mowers, workman’s, etc., that Landscape Services personnel are operating on campus roadways.

Lara Weber mentioned that the Seibert Administration Building emergency response team recently attended CPR/AED training.

Clara Davis reminded the Committee of the importance of using sun-screen on exposed skin when in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Mark Weiss mentioned the importance of defensive driving due to the increased level of slow moving and construction vehicles on and around campus roadways.

Juanita Snell stated that Custodial Services supervisors recently inspected their department’s first-aid kits. Items of low inventory and/or out of date supplies were refilled and replaced.

Laura Weber passed along appreciation to Maintenance Services, Custodial Services, and the EHS department for their efforts related to a recent water leak/flood that had occurred in the Seibert Administration Building.

Jake Woods mentioned that April is recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness month by the National Safety Council (NSC) and to remind everyone the importance of being mindful and aware of our surroundings while operating vehicles. On a typical day, eight people are killed and hundreds more are injured in distraction-affected crashes per the NSC. Further information can be found at: Distracted Driving Awareness Month , (

The next UMSC meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 in the shared conference room located on the ground floor of the E.W. Building at 10:00 a.m.; an invitation to attend via video conferencing platform (WebEx) will also be sent out with these minutes. Please send a substitute representative if you are unable to attend.

Published: 5/3/2022